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Youth Center

More than a youth center

Zona Extrema
Youth Center

 On Tuesday nights we have youth church; where we focus on the Word, worship, prayer and fun. We want the young people to experience the presence of the Lord Jesus. A place where they can come and be changed by the Word of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit; so that they might be able to go out into the world, walking in the spirit and not in the flesh.

Just that…a room full of games…for me it has been so fulfilling to see young people start with a simple game of connect four. Really not understanding the game and then grasping the concept, begin to have fun playing it and then start winning. They then progress on to another game that’s maybe a little harder. Now, some of those that started with connect four are playing chess and beating us, their teachers. So, hopefully, you get the concept… we enjoy investing in the lives of young people.

Monday nights are devoted to those that are interested in going deeper in God. Here we simply take the Bible and sit down and study, talking about the word, about Jesus and how to live out what is written there in the Bible. We are trying to bring a logos word to them, a living word, bringing the Bible to life for them, that they might be able to hear the Lord for themselves in their lives.

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