stovesOne of the big problems here in a lot of homes in villages is the cooking situation. A lot of people cook over an open fire, which happens to be in their one room house. So that means that the family is breathing in the smoke constantly. I have been in many homes where the walls and ceiling are covered in soot. The open fire is also a hazard for toddlers as they often fall into the fire being burned severely.

Our goal is to be able to install efficient wood burning stoves in all the homes in a village, which is about 60-70 stoves.

These stoves vent the smoke out of the house and it is difficult to get burnt on them. They also use a lot less wood to cook on cutting down on wood gathering everyday.

An average family is not able to afford the full purchase price of one of these stoves on their own.

One stove is $200…if your team can raise money for 20 stoves we will be helping out a large portion of a village and we can install them while you are here. This also gives us the opportunity to get into their homes and share the gospel with them.

If an individual or family would like to purchase a stove for a family we can also install them for you.

waterfiltersHelping to prevent disease.The drinking water here is very dirty and dangerous to drink but very few people take the time to boil the water thus there are many sicknesses caused from drinking the water it is also to expensive for most to purchase purified water in the rural communities. We distribute water filters that make it possible for people to drink 100% pure water, helping to avoid many sicknesses.

projectsBuy property to build a youth center

  • Build a building that would  be suitable for the Zona and Bible training

Learning Center / Computer lab

  • Computers for the computer lab

Sound Studio:

  • Wireless microphone
  • Microphone cables
  • Microphones
  • Microphone stands
  • Guitar strings
  • Instruments

 Table games

healthpPromoting health for all
We believe that good health is very important to the development of a community, even more so when we are working with very low income villages that don’t receive any help even from the different government programs. This is why we are encouraging medical teams to bring volunteers that specialize in different areas such as dentistry, pediatrics, ginecology, internal and general medicine etcetera, to come and help those in need in the most rural areas.

How to assemble an efficient stove.

This is a video of the cook stoves we install in families homes here in Guatemala. When you come on a team you will have the option of raising the money to install several of these efficient stoves. We have made this simple video for you, to demonstrate how to install them, to help you be better prepared before you get here.

Some interesting phrases that you would like to learn.

English, Spanish and Pokomchi