May 28th we had a 20 member STM Team come in from Missouri and Illinois. Cary and Sami Eisentraut did an awesome job leading the team, uniting two different groups, working together, eating together, and sleeping on concrete floors without complaints. That’s a miracle!!!


Doctors, nurses, teachers, cooks, businessmen, moms and dads from all walks of life, came to hold a medical clinic and put in efficient wood cooking stoves. They saw 500 patients and installed 20 stoves; they shared the gospel and prayed for many people. They camped in villages in rustic conditions and were still smiling when we came back (maybe because they finally got to take a shower after 4 days) but still…smiling. When we got back to San Cristobal they painted, hung out with the kids at the Zona and held two more days of medical clinics. They also ministered in three different Bible studies touching the hearts of young people.


We thank you for all the medical supplies that were donated and all the soccer balls, guitars, drum and many other goodies that you brought and blessed us with.


Thank you Rehoboth Baptist church of Kirksville and 1st Baptist Church of Litchfield for coming and pouring out your hearts and lives for the Lord and Guatemala. I know many have been wrecked for missions…we pray you will continue to have a heart for missions…and we hope to see you all again next year or sooner.


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