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Sharing the Gospel of God!

Community Development

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Installing stoves

Most families that live in rural areas cook on open fires on the floor inside their homes, this leads to many problems such as burns and lung problems from smoke inhalation. The stoves we distribute help to minimize these problems, also they are good for the environment, they use a minimal amount of wood and are great help to better many peoples lives.

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Water Filters

The drinking water here is very dangerous to drink. However, very few people take the time to boil it, thus many sicknesses are caused from drinking the water. Also, it is too expensive for most to purchase purified water in the rural communities. We distribute water filters that make it possible for people to drink 100% pure water, helping to avoid many diseases

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Promoting health for all

We believe that good health is very important to the development of a community; even more so when we are working with very low income villages that don’t receive any help even from the different government programs. This is why we are encouraging medical teams to bring volunteers who specialize in different areas such as dentistry, pediatrics, gynecology, internal and general medicine etcetera, to come and help those in need in the most rural areas.

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Spiritual Health

Besides community development, our intention is to bring the message of salvation to each and every one of the people who are benefitted by the different projects we have.

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Most people don’t really think about having a bathroom, because most of us have one in our house, right? We all use them…some more than others…if you didn’t have a bathroom what would you do? Use someone else’s, find one, dig a hole, frantically search for a private place in the woods…I mean, it is an essential element, on a daily basis. Yet most of the homes in the villages have nothing but a log to squat behind, unsanitary at best. So, one of our projects is to install outhouses. They dig the hole and pour the concrete. We supply the toilet, the walls and the cement…when finished, they have a private place to read the newspaper…

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that the life of Christ would be formed in us. 

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