Free Methodist Church of Hillsboro, IL returned for the 5th time! We are appreciative for their faithfulness and enthusiasm to come serve alongside us year after year. They spent 3 days and 2 nights in the village of Chicuz installing 30 stoves, hosting 3 days of medical clinics, and sharing the gospel to all ages. One man accepted the Lord as his savior and 2 different families reconciled their lives to Christ. God can use anything to share His love, even a stove. Each day in the afternoons, was a fun and creative kid centered bible study. Back in San Cristobal this team did not stop working hard. They spent 2 mornings at the mission house making and moving concrete. One individual helped progress the electrical work at the mission house. Plus, the Zona got a much needed squeaky cleaning. Furthermore, this team served numerous days in the youth center playing with the kids and doing various bible studies. Thank you Free Methodist Church for storing up your treasures in Heaven!